VR + AR Medical Training

Surgeons and Doctors are Exploring.

Around the world.


Immersive Residency training in hospitals are being commenced in major metropolitan cities.

With Preferred hardware use from HTC Vive and Oculus – These aren’t your 1990s VR Headsets.

We’re seeing doctors on college campuses from Oxford to Standford, exploring new ways to work in emergency situations.

To save lives.

VR isn’t Dead.

From Digital Cadaver development, to Medical Holodecks and Operation simulations in the surgical theatre, VR is helping to heal.

Not just in North America, But I’m also seeing experimentations and training being performed throughout Europe, China, India and Africa.

A medical symphony is being conducted.

The exploration has begun more abundantly.

VR + AR in Medtech is not new.

But the adoption is happening now.

The field and study of medicine is wide open.

There’s much more to share.

A great time to invest. Build Strong.

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Christopher Lafayette

Emergent Technologist